Agriculture and Rural Development

The area illustrates the activities that the Puglia Region ensures in agriculture, a driving sector for the economic development of the territory, and the interventions that it implements, respecting the environment and the natural landscape, for agricultural entrepreneurship, the typical production, the ‘agritourism, food education, training, research and innovation. The regional agricultural development model aims to combine competitiveness, also through diversification of production, with economic and environmental sustainability, and is therefore a model that, thanks to its transversal nature, stands out as a protagonist both at a national and at a Community level. Relevant is the beneficial fallout of the potentials coming from the Community funds which, also through the new programming, will allow better development opportunities in the agri-food sector. In the thematic area are dedicated sections to specific topics such as: organic farming, animal husbandry, land reform, tree and herbaceous productions, conditionality, etc.