We have assisted companies establish and relocate managers, highly skilled personnel or other required employees needed in their branches to The European Union, especially to Germany, The Netherlands and Italy, for over more than a decade. We serve international corporations and business clients in employment based petitions and meeting your needs in hiring foreign professionals and helping you achieve your immigration goals with the minimum amount of stress and complication.

Our highly motivated team of highly qualified Immigration Consultants put your mind at rest by providing all the necessary advice and expert assistance you need to put things right. As one of the leading immigration specialists, we are able to offer invaluable and unrivalled level of guidance on a diverse range of everyday issues such as fast-track immigration applications for work authorization and acquiring the work visa and subsequently obtaining the residence permit along with registration of health codes for our clients.

Family Reunion


Over the past decade our team has been at the forefront of immigration work in Europe and the specialist care and attention given by us has helped more than a thousand people as well as their family members to be granted permission to stay in The European Union. These success stories thus make highly specialized in family reunification procedures. DONALE GROUP helps relocate spouses, children or parents of the foreign workers in the minimum amount of time strictly adhering to Immigration Law Throughout the European Union. Where necessary, we will assist our clients in appealing against wrongful decisions, unsubstantiated refusal and revocation.

At DONALE GROUP we make an effort to help our clients and their family members assimilate and integrated themselves in their new country as smoothly as possible. We provide the necessary assistance to our clients and their family members in searching and registering at the appropriate kindergarten, school and university if requested.

Business Visa & Elective Residence In Italy Only


Among the broad range of services we provide to our clients, this type of visa is determined for clients who can prove to have sufficient continuous income of annually approximately EURO 30.000,00 through steady income sources, such as income through property rentals or shares, in order to demonstrate not being a burden on the Italian State.

If the guarantee of substantial and steady private income are adequate, the visa can also be requested by the applicant’s spouse, minor children, adult children, if they cannot earn a living and the applicant’s parents, if they are his/her legal dependants. Our clients are required to have a residence in Italy, rented or owned property. It is not a requirement for our clients to purchase and own their residence in Italy, but it helps speed up the procedure. With our expert insight and practical guidance we represent our clients during business or property acquisitions, drafting and closing of ad hoc contracts and registration and foundation of their companies.



We are a full-service business and immigration group and with our over a decade long significant experience in Immigration law, we specialize in complex litigations arising before immigration courts and we provide exceptional legal representation to individuals in all aspects of immigration matters. Our international clients can be legally represented before a court of law by us without the need of their presence in the country through a power of attorney.




Very well Reputed for our broad services we further assist foreign individuals wishing to undergo medical treatment in the European Union. Through proactive planning and decisive action we guide our clients seeking medical Treatment in The European Union from the very beginning by assisting in translation and legalization of required document, consequently applying for the appropriate visa with the Embassy/Consulate, to helping clients find and select the best possible medical care they desire in their designated country in the European Union.



We adopt a practical and ‘hands on’ approach for foreign individuals interested in obtaining an entry visa and a residency permit to study in Europe and attempt to respond quickly and efficiently to client requirements.

Through invaluable expert guidance and supervision – form application of the entry visa, to obtaining the residence permit and right up to conversion of the residence permit granted for study into the work permit - we stand side by side with our clients every step of their journey and do not rest until our clients immigration goals are achieved. At Donale Group we provide our clients with the best legal representation and help by launching appeals against wrongful decisions, refusals and revocation of visas where necessary.