incentivesbygovContratto di Programma

This is an agreement between one or more public bodies (regions, provinces or municipalities)  to  undertake major  projects, including  industrial  ones, and  to  develop infrastructure. A contratto di programma is promoted by a ‘proponent entity’,  which  is responsible for the overall coherence of the technical and industrial  project.

The total investment costs of an industrial  project  should  not be less  than  EUR 40 million, excluding the cost of infrastructure. The investment programme proposed by the ‘proponent entity’ must not be less  than  EUR 25 million, whilst the investment programmes proposed by each  beneficiary other  than the proposer must not be less  than EUR 1.5 million.

Investment programmes are  eligible  if they  regard  the  economic activities  listed  in the following sections of the 2002 ISTAT classification:

The amount of benefits, compared to the eligible costs, is calculated as the Gross Grant Equivalent (‘GGE’).

for R&D programmes, are:

50 percent of GGE for industrial  research costs

25 percent of GGE for experimental development costs. The benefits are increased by up to 10 percentage points  for medium-sized companies and up to 20 percentage points  for small companies.